"To God would I commit my cause, who does great things and unsearchable, marvelous things without number" Job 5:8-9

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Ember Casia - Sindingan

Customer Experience and Success Manager

US Tech Firm, Washington

My JOB BFF profiles people really well. She nurtures in a way that allows you to think things through, try it, get results and learn from it.

The major thing i learned from my JOB BFF is to be data-driven coz she would always correlate data with actions and results. Not everyone will like that but it's the best way to go in a large scale performance management effort.

Love Muyco

HR Manager

US - Based BPO Company

It was never difficult to approach my JOB BFF as he is receptive than reactive. It is easy to share difficulties and insights. He knows how to develop a leader out of his leadership.

The coaching style was very objective and strategic. What I liked about it was we talked about numbers and how to gain and achieve more numbers. It was very specific to what was being needed. We became a top team for a year. Almost all of the team members got promoted eventually.

Wyngard Ian Bautista

Human Resource Manager

for a US Enviromental Sevices Company, Arizona

As a beginner, I have learned so much from my JOB BFF. Decision making, meeting deadlines, and understanding people’s maps are just a few that she really honed me when she was my mentor. She made that experience valuable and obviously it made my journey colorful as my current bosses trusted me so much because of my work ethics. Without her guidance and words of wisdom I am not who I am today. I can proudly say that am a manager now because of my JOB BFF!

Arjhay Puod

Customer Advocacy Team Manager

US - Based BPO Company

More than achieving numbers and figures, my JOB BFF also focused on customizing his mentoring and coaching approach to the different leadership styles of the people he worked with. The practical recommendations and his strategic advices were instrumental to my successes as a leader, making him one of the most important contributors to my eventual promotion to a senior supervisory role.

Focus on strategy and spend more time on yourself and with your loved ones.

our services

Hire us to coach you or coach for you!

Hire us to coach you or coach for you!

performance coaching

We are experts in a wide array of technical, soft skills and metrics. Based on our decades of experience and hundreds we've coached, we will help you exceed client and company metrics by teaching you industry best practices.

Our approach is tailor - fit to your needs.

english training

We are tenured in speaking with American clients. Not only will we train you or your direct reports in accent, vocabulary and grammar - we will also show you how to understand the nuances, read between the lines . You will have engaging and enjoyable conversations!

tasks and reports

We are proficient in various tools and apps. We are tenured in using different CRMs and databases and can help you with your administrative tasks. We are great at data analysis & business intelligence. We create professional and insighful reports.


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Simple strategies to achieve client metrics

  • AHT, CSAT, FCR, NPS, Sales

Effective team management

How to Coach Effectively

Strategies to prevent attrition

Ways to achieve Employee Satisfaction

Managing Revenue & Cost

performance coaching

our expertise


english training

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Grammar and Vocabulary


Effective Conversations

Business Presentation (Writing

and Speaking)


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tasks and reports

Excel Reports/Data Mining

Deep Dive Analysis

Business Presentations

Compliance Auditing

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Be coached and supported by tenured professionals from the technical and service industry.

our coaches'



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2o years of performance coaching

Currently working as Directors, Senior Managers in BPO and US Tech firms

Studied at The Ateneo de Manila and University of the Philippines

Our JOB BFF Coaches have

first hand experience

and excellently managed performance in:

Customer Service

Technical Support

Chat Support

Inbound and Outbound Sales

Quality Monitoring and Training

English as a Second Language Teaching

Virtual Assistance

Database Management

Data Entry

Workforce Management

Reporting and Data Analysis

Interior Design of a Room

Hire us to coach you or coach for you!

Hire us to coach you or coach for you!

Focus on strategy and spend more time on yourself and with your loved ones.

JOB BFF coach & Services


Our coaching and learning sessions are online and we are accessible through chat, video/audio and email. Your convenience is important to us! We will keep your profile secure and private.

Our services are open to anyone who's interested to improve their job performance. We coach professionals at the associate to senior leader level; from the BPO, Virtual and Customer Care industries. Whether it's you or your direct report, your Job BFF is happy to help you!


Max Cordero & Josh Aquio - Cordero, Founders

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our purpose

We aim to carve out a competitive edge for Filipinos in the global workspace by upscaling them to the best of class skills and outlook.

Through professional coaching made accessible, we help people bring their best foot forward and enjoy life.

Discover how we can help you bring your best foot forward!

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